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Sapana Coffee x The Brewery at Hershey

Coffee beers are becoming more common continuing on the upward trend of never-ending craft beer creations. The relationship between coffee and beer feels like a natural fit. Both are aroma driven, require a natural harvest and have a strong overlapping fan base. Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee or a pint of cold beer? Sometimes both in the same day. Everyday. 

Historically coffee was an ingredient in darker beers like a stout or porter, but now you’re seeing infusions of coffee into lighter, more drinkable beers. “I think coffee beans offer another unique ingredient for brewers to adapt to different brews,” says Sapana Coffee Co-Founder, Anthony Mancini.  “By infusing coffee into an array of different beers, brewers can create seasonal craft beers that appeal to a new audience and showcase their skills at pairing a bold ingredient with a classic alcoholic drink. Also, some folks who find alcohol to be relaxing or a downer, might feel invigorated when they drink a caffeine infused creation.” 

Sapana Coffee recently partnered with The Brewery at Hershey in Middletown, Pennsylvania to bring both beer and coffee devotees a unique take on the classic coffee beer. Their bold creation is a coffee stout called “Elevated Dream.” This unique coffee beer is made with Himalayan grown Sapana Coffee, aged with whole vanilla beans. The name “Elevated Dream” derived from the word Sapana, meaning “dream” in Nepali. The name also represents the mission of Elevate Nepal, Sapana Coffee’s founding company, to provide the Nepalese the resources and opportunity to accomplish their dreams. Coffee cultivation is Nepal has become an essential way to fulfill the hopes of many hard-working coffee farmers in remote parts of the country, to provide a better quality of life. 

This is the second year in a row Sapana Coffee has partnered with The Brewery at Hershey.  “Collaborating allows both of our brands to appeal to a new audience, enabling us to extend our outreach to another part of our country that we do not easily have access to,” says Mancini.   

“Elevated Dream” is currently available at The Brewery at Hershey. 

Check their website for updated business hours due to Covid.