100% All Natural Arabica Coffee. Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. Always hand sorted and sun dried with great care and love.

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Whole Bean (roasted)


(11 customer reviews)

Tasting Notes ~ A bright flavor with notes of dark chocolate and roasted nuts. subtle hints of brown sugar and a silky smooth finish.

Single Origin ~ Our coffee is sustainably produced from one specific growing region in Nepal. Sapana coffee is always non-GMO and pesticide free.


11 reviews for Whole Bean (roasted)

  1. Seania

    Rich flavor, smooth finish, sustainably produced and made with love! What more could you ask for?!

  2. Zach Meiling (verified owner)

    This coffee is great ! Love the flavors and it’s for a great cause !

  3. dandylion

    This coffee is great. Nice roast, super smooth. I love the flavor! Try this coffee if you love coffee, you won’t regret it!

  4. John Swift

    The quality of this coffee is phenomenal and gets me out of bed every morning. It feels great sipping on a cup of coffee that is not only delicious, but is for a good cause.

  5. Tina T

    Sapana coffee is delicious! I like my coffee black, so the taste is very important to me. It wakes me up in the morning and always tastes great! Yum, yum, go get some.

  6. Steven Manausa

    This roast has become an essential staple of my daily routine! I just love the aroma it imparts throughout my kitchen each morning. With every pot I brew, I am reminded of how my purchase went to a great cause.

    Completely satisfied!

  7. Julia Bean

    Wow! This is the best coffee! Smooth texture and low acidity is what I look for most and this bean delivers. I look forward to every morning with this coffee and you will too! Plus, it’s grown in Nepal. That’s some next level bean for sure.

  8. Niesssing

    I love coffee. Specifically, I love this coffee. Actually, both my wife and I do. We crush it 7 days a week. Despite how much coffee I drink, I suck at describing it. So I’ll say this, you know how the coffee you have when you’re on vacation tastes just a little better than everything else? That’s what Sapana tastes like.

  9. Paul Rauss

    Great coffee for a great cause! Smooth and tasty..
    I highly recommend this for the coffee connoisseur.

  10. Johnney J

    I thought I liked coffee, until I tried this coffee and quickly realized that I actually LOVE coffee when it’s as great as Sapana! Try it with a pour over brew method and the flavors that come out will have you wondering if you’ve ever really had fantastic coffee before. The smile on your face will be big but not as big as the smiles on the faces of the people you’re helping when you purchase a bag or twelve!

  11. Eben

    Our customers and employees have been enjoying this coffee so much over the past year. It a dark, flavorful cup of loveliness that warms the heart and mind. It’s a great way to start the day!

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