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Crafting a Mezzo Miscelato

Special thank you to Coffee Expert Chris Rodriguez from Wholesale Origin, a brand dedicated to bringing coffee roasters of all sizes easy access to high quality green coffee.

Mezzo Miscelato [12 oz.]

1.6 oz Sapana coffee beans
Filtered Water
Bowl of ice cubes
Honey or other sweetener (optional)
Milk (optional)
Ground Cinnamon (optional)
Cacao Powder (optional)

Pour Over
Clear Glass

Step 1: Blender Prep

Add 0.2 – 0.5 ounces of honey or other sweetener to the blender. More or less depending on desired sweetness.

Step 2: Pour Over

Grind the 1.6 oz of coffee medium-fine

Heat the filtered water and pour 8.5 oz of water to produce between 7 and 8 ounces of strongly brewed coffee. 

Step 3: Split Preparation

Pour 3 ounces of hot coffee into the clear serving cup.

Pour the remaining hot coffee in the blender and mix it with the sweetener with a spoon.

Add 5.0 ounces of ice to the blender. Blend the ice, coffee, and sweetener until smooth. Around 30 seconds normally.

Step 4: Pour

Use the spoon to hold back large bubbles or slush while carefully and slowly pouring the blended mixture over the hot coffee. If liqui

d runs out scoop bubbles and slush in last. Slowly.

Step 5: Optional

Froth milk before blending ice and coffee. Once the main drink is poured, use the spoon to hold back froth and pour hot milk slowly into the drink. Then top the drink with creamy froth.

Add powdered cinnamon or cacao Powder on top of the drink or frothed milk. 

Add a splash of honey to the very top if desired. Chocolate or Caramel sauce can be used also.

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