100% All Natural Arabica Coffee. Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. Always hand sorted and sun dried with great care and love.

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Behind the Artwork – The Bag

When it came time to craft a unique coffee bag worthy of the beans inside, it was important to us the design and intricate details of our coffee bag directly ties to the origin of our beans, our mission and the meaning behind Sapana.

Featured on our coffee bag is Farmer Surya Prasad Adhikari or “Bua” (meaning dad or father). He was one of the pioneers in farming coffee in Nepal and with Sapana meaning “dream” we felt Bua represented Sapana beautifully being our mission, much like his, is to create opportunity in villages across Nepal. The cover features him holding his grandson high in the air. Bua also helped start Ananda Jyoti Agriculture School which was established in August 2018 and it is designed to be a high school level course for students interested in pursuing a degree in agriculture. Nepal is a country with a diverse geography that boasts incredible climate and soil for cultivation. The geography creates barriers against typical industries, but provides opportunities that can be capitalized on in the agriculture sector. Ananda Jyoti Agriculture School is one of the first of its kind. We believe in this project and would love to see more of these come to life across Nepal.

The artwork is done by Navajo Artist Randall Wilson from Flagstaff, Arizona who turned the photo of Bua into a stunning colored pencil drawing. Wilson was part of an artist coalition called “Art of the People.” This group of artists was focused on sharing, honoring, and teaching their culture through many different forms of art. Randall like many of us, has had his struggles in life, but he has found his path and radiates a bright light to the world around him. “Art of the People” hopes to inspire creativity and teach younger children about culture and using their culture as a way to earn income and carry on traditions into the future. 

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