100% All Natural Arabica Coffee. Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. Always hand sorted and sun dried with great care and love.

PO Box 391
Flagstaff, AZ 86002
United States

About Sapana Coffee

In Nepali, Sapana translates to dream. Everything in life begins with a dream. For our team at Sapana Coffee, this dream was to create opportunity in remote villages across Nepal. We’ve partnered with Elevate Nepal, a charitable organization supporting sustainable communities in rural villages. 100% of the proceeds from each bag of our coffee goes toward funding these humanitarian efforts. Our coffee beans are cultivated in the Himalayan Mountains, resulting in a clean, crisp and distinctly unique flavor. With each sip you are making a dream come true. Dhanyabad (Thank You).

Anthony Mancini and Dan Maurer visited their first Nepalese coffee farm in 2011. Since 2018 they have been importing Sapana coffee to the U.S. to share with specialty coffee connoisseurs.

Coffee farming in Nepal is a relatively new industry for this historically agrarian country. Anthony and Dan work with farmers as they learn about coffee cultivation to refine practices in search of the perfect cup of Himalayan coffee.